Interview: Audiobook Narrator Erin Moon

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Erin’s Bio

Erin Moon (aka Felicity Munroe for all romance) is a professional AEA/CAEA/SAG/AFTRA actress. She started her career in audiobooks as director and editor between theatre gigs in NYC in 2005, and has been narrating exclusively since 2009. She is an award-winning audiobook narrator of more than 200 novels for, Recorded Books, Tantor Audio, Brickshop Audio, John Marshal Media, Lyric Audio, Common Mode, Deyan Audio, Blackstone, Pete Rohan and Hachette.

Erin was recently selected as a narrator for the Baby-Sitters Club novels! Erin will be narrating the books written from the character Stacey's perspective. Congrats, Erin!


Exclusive Interview with Erin Moon

1. What are some of the most important steps in preparing to narrate an audiobook?

Reading (what we call prepping) the ENTIRE book to get a feel for the story scope: Where characters start and end, who all the major players are, the tone of the story, any questions that come up about characters/pronunciations, etc. I also use this time to “mark up” the book by using an annotation app that allows me to put in the initials of the characters in conversations so I know who is speaking before the “he said” at the end of the sentence, underline important words for emphasis, etc.

2. How much do you read in a "take"?

I work for 3-4 hours per day, 5 days a week, IN the booth, and then around 2 hours a day prepping. Basically every day I stop when I have 2 hours of finished audio which takes me about 3 hours to produce (the industry standard is 2 to 1 and it does depend of the difficulty of the book, pronunciations, etc.). 

3. How do you keep all the characters' voices straight/organized for a book or series?

I write out a big character list. How they are related to the story and ANYTHING said about who they are. Then I write what types of vocal qualities are in that characters that I imagine when I picture them in my mind and how that helps tell the larger story and their relationship to the lead characters.

4. Do you have certain "character voices" you use? (i.e. "tough guy," "ditzy girl," etc.)  (Side note: Your "Bryan" voice for my series makes me giggle--in a good way) :)

Oh my goodness Bryan. Described as so low he sounds like gravel. Can only ever have a few of those characters and hope they don't talk a lot because it is hard!!

At this point in my career (about 250 books in between Erin Moon and Felicity Munroe for romance) I do have a stable of voices I use and know. But every book requires a little finesse to tell the story well! :)

5. About how many "character voices" have you done?

Well for the Alice Worth series approximately 125!!!!!

6. Which characters and/or character voices are your favorites from the Alice Worth series?

I just adoooore voicing Alice. She is magnificent. And resilient and she grows sooo much in this series. I LOVE IT. I also love voicing Charles, Sean, Malcom the ghost, and Arkady.

7. Of all the characters I've created so far, I was most excited to hear Valas come to life in Heart of Fire and wow--she's even more awesome than I even hoped. What a fantastic accent. How did you come up with how she sounded?

Actually your input was invaluable. You said kind of a non-placeable eastern European feel. And the way you describe her as someone who spoke a language that is no longer even spoken. Plus leaning into the mic because I always picture her as someone who could be 10 meters away but her voice feels like she is whispering in your ear. I loooove voicing her!!! I can picture her so distinctly!

Learn More about Erin on her website and follow her on Instagram!

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