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"I’m nosy and obstinate and I like solving puzzles. I’ve got a criminal record and I don’t take orders well, so I can’t be a cop. And I guess you could say I’m addicted to danger. That qualifies me to be a PI and not much else." - Alice Worth, Blood Money

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Lisa Edmonds's books on Goodreads
Heart of Malice Heart of Malice (Alice Worth, #1)
reviews: 103
ratings: 615 (avg rating 4.22)

Heart of Fire Heart of Fire
reviews: 45
ratings: 188 (avg rating 4.57)

Just For One Night Just For One Night (Alice Worth Series)
reviews: 14
ratings: 122 (avg rating 4.22)

Blood Money Blood Money (An Alice Worth Series Novella)
reviews: 11
ratings: 72 (avg rating 4.35)