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I recommend reading Just For One Night after Heart of Malice.

Love was in the air, or at least that was what Sean Maclin's nose was telling him...

The jukebox is playing Eddie Money and dawn is only an hour away, and Sean Maclin sees something he wants, even if it's just for the night. Relive one of the most memorable encounters from Heart of Malice through Sean's eyes in this short story.

It's been a long workday for Sean, alpha werewolf and co-owner of a private security company. Rather than go home, he heads for Hawthorne's, a popular late-night bar catering to the city's night owls, looking for good music and a drink to unwind.

Someone else is headed to Hawthorne's tonight too after a long and eventful day: Alice Worth, mage private investigator, is hoping for an audience with the bar's vampire owner.

A chance meeting changes everything for a woman who lives in the shadows and a man who prowls the night by moonlight.

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Listen to Sean’s retelling of how he and Alice met at Hawthorne’s, read to you by narrator M. Harris!

After reading Heart of Malice I HAD TO read this novel! Sean is just so much Yummy werewolf goodness; how could I not want to read about his meeting Alice from his perspective. I loved this quick little story; I loved getting glimpses of his wolf. It was awesome. Lisa Edmonds, I am a FAN!
— Sara at Boundless Book Reviews
Just For One Night (Alice Worth #1.5)