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Are you interested in being an ARC reader for Heart of Stone? You can apply below!

The rules are: 

  1. You can't share your ARCs with anyone (please don't feed the pirates), but if you know someone you think would be a good reviewer, have them reach me here on or on social media, especially if they're a book blogger;

  2. You'll need to post your reviews on Goodreads, etc. by 6/4 and on Amazon between 6/4 and 6/18;

  3. Your review must be honest; and

  4. Please don't share major plot points or spoilers.

I do check to make sure ARC reviewers post reviews. I only have a set number of ARCs to release, so anyone who takes an ARC but doesn't post has to be excluded from future ARC teams unless they contact me to explain. You get a free copy before anyone else sees it, so in return, please do your part! :)

Thank you!

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Have you read the guidelines above and do you agree to follow them? *